Disable iCloud Before You Retire Your Old Mac

Disable iCloud Before You Retire Your Old Mac

Using iCloud to observe the placement of your Apple devices is a straightforward way to keep track of your stuff, and lock it down once it’s in the wrong hands. Do not forget to disable iCloud before you retire your old Mac.

Designer Brenden Mulligan signed into his iCloud account and discovered a friend awaiting him among his list of devices: the iMac he had sold nearly three years previously.

Mulligan had formatted and reset the machine. Thus there was no trace of his information left. However the device was still related to his iCloud account, and even let him interact with the purchased iMac, because of Find My Mac and its thievery prevention tools.

He could have removed all his information from the machine; however, it appeared there was a lot more to be done.

Just wiping your Mac, it seems, won’t eliminate its association with you.

Unless you completely disconnect it from your personal iCloud account, you’ll still have the ability to track your previous Mac, least till its new owner signs into their own iCloud account.

In Brenden’s case, that hadn’t happened, that is why he was able to keep tabs on his previous all-in-one for nearly 3 years.

So: before you sell your Apple device, make sure to get rid of it from your iCloud account like so:

  1. select Apple menu > System Preferences
  2. Click iCloud
  3. Deselect find My Mac
  4. You should additionally take away your iCloud account from the device:
  5. Select Apple menu > System Preferences
  6. Click iCloud
  7. Click Sign Out

After removing your iCloud account from your Mac or iOS device, feel free to format your computer or reset the device to its factory settings to prep it for its next journey.

If you wish to go the additional mile to get this Mac as distant from you as possible, be sure its new owner signs into their iCloud account to associate the device with the new owner. That way you won’t end up accidentally stalking some unsuspecting customer that merely needed a good laptop for his or her main office.

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