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Computer Cleaning Services

Computer cleaning services are necessary for all computers. That will expand the lifetime of your desktops and laptops. Heat is one of the number one causes of motherboard failure in all computers. For those of you that don’t know, Motherboard is the brain of your computer. All of your PC parts connect to this, without the motherboard you can’t have a working computer.

Now you wouldn’t want your brain to overheat now, would you? Our computer repair technicians can disassemble your computer. Then clean out all the dust in your laptop or desktop, re-do the thermal paste that keeps your computer running cool.

One of the biggest factors most people don’t know is that all computer manufacturers use a cheap thermal paste that dry’s out in a matter of months and causes your computer to run hot.

I have personally even seen some manufacturers not even use thermal paste and put a piece of aluminum foil! The bottom line, Have your computer cleaning services performed on your computer and expand your life span and have your laptop and desktop running cold not hot!


Computer dust cleaning service is necessary on both desktop and laptops. Most of the time dust build up in the fan causing it to run hot and not be able to breathe. Take a look at the top picture to the right. In fact, This is what computer repair technicians typically see 90% of the time when opening up a desktop.

The laptop intakes vent will create a blanket of dust blocking the outtake vent they use to breathe. Have you ever put your hand on your laptop fan and wondered why you couldn’t feel any air flow? Take a look at the bottom picture on the right; this is what typically happens.

See what I mean? That is a blanket of dust stopping the air flow from even exiting the laptop air vent.

That is why it is crucial to have computer dust cleaning service performed at Milcom on your computers. For this reason, our technicians always recommend doing this at a minimum of once a year. Especially if you have pets with a lot of furs, you would be surprised how much fur get into the computers!

Helpful Tips Of Dos and Donts

  • Don’t block the fan vents with your blanket in bed
  • If your computer is running hot, have it serviced.
  • A cooling mat can help keep your computer cooler.
  • Don’t put your computer by open windows.


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