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Boca Raton Computer Repair

Boca Raton computer repair just became a whole lot easier. Milcom Services has been repairing computers since 1984. Offering affordable services for businesses & residential clients.

Take a look at our computer service and repair  page to find out all the different types of  repairs we offer.

If you’re looking for a way to have it repaired without going anywhere, we have the perfect solution.

Milcom has the ability to repair your computer remotely, using our remote pc repair at the comfort of your home or office.

Our ever growing team works on every desktop and laptop known to man, including those fancy iMac, MacBook, and MacBook Pro’s we all have grown to love.


Running Slow?

If your computer is running slow, this is usually an indication of a computer virus.

Our technicians stay up to date with leading PC virus repair tools.

Eliminating the need for trying random virus removal tools that “claim” to remove viruses.

Virus removal can be a scary task, especially when there are many so-called “virus removal tools” that can easily infect or make problems worse.

In rare cases, this can potentially even cause data loss!

We also have the ability to perform a virus removal remotely, on-site or in our shop.

After all, viruses removed, you’re computer will run like new, now protect it from future threats with our industry-leading Anti Virus.

Don’t get stuck with an insufficient anti-virus that can’t pick up on the newest viruses, after all, if you end up infected again, it ends up costing you more in the long run.

With that being said, Milcom Services is an exclusive provider of the leading Cylance Anti-Virus. The first AI antivirus to be able to detect viruses without the need for a database.

It’s basically like having your very own personal bodyguard inside your computer.

Our clients are always raving about it, No more switching Anti-Viruses all the time, once you switch you’ll be happy you did.


Call Milcom today and will take the worry out of Computer Repair Boca Raton FL.


Kandi Rae

I have a lot of designs on my laptop and out of nowhere it just froze up and quit on me. Technology hates me… So I bit the bullet and headed to over to Milcom to figure out what happened. Turns out it was from a windows 10 update… So they went to extra mile… Read more “Kandi Rae”

Kandi Rae

Marie St John

This guy is the best! I need my computer for night classes and it was having serious virus problems another company could not be repaired. They suggested a new computer. Matt was able to find the cause and get me back up and running…remotely in less than 3 hours! That was weeks ago and I… Read more “Marie St John”

Marie St John

Kaleb Bettencourt

Milcom services was a big help to me, my personal laptop I use pretty much every day had gone out on me due to what I could only assume was a virus of some kind. I brought it to Milcom and they said they would have it back to me the same day I brought… Read more “Kaleb Bettencourt”

Kaleb Bettencourt

Brian Sjogren

Professional service at a great price. Recommend for all computer service needs.

Brian Sjogren

Diane Hall

Excellent expert computer service. They have worked on our entire network, server and individual computers with great results. I highly recommend Matt, Tory and the team!

Diane Hall

Computer Repair in Boca Raton for Macs

One of the few Apple repair Boca Raton computer stores that offer mac repair on a wide variety.

Apple computers including iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro & apple legacy products.

Our technicians specialize in every aspect of Boca Raton mac repair, including water damage laptop repair.

When striving to be the best we make sure our computer technicians can handle all laptop repair in Boca Raton requests.

The most significant concern is when your Apple warranty runs out. It’s your worse nightmare come true.

Furthermore, as mac repair Boca Raton specialists, we’re able to break down cost piece by piece.

Showing what repairs are needed first if your budget requires you to only repair some parts of your mac, before the rest.

No hidden fee’s, no geniuses trying to spin you into their web. Computer Repair Boca Raton FL, Milcom is there for you and all your IT support Boca Raton needs.

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our customers are always happy with there computer service and repair!