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Computer Repair Greenacres FL

Finding a certified technician for Computer Repair Greenacres FL is easier then you think.

Fixing all types of problems and maintaining all of your computers from desktop to laptops.

Our expert computer techs can conquer any task you throw at them, Experience in repairing all apple and windows products.

Most Computer Repair in Greenacres  FL comes with a 30-day guarantee.

There are plenty of computer repair stores, and Milcom Services is one of them.

The difference is we have the most experienced A Plus certified computer technicians.

Working on everything from Apple charging port repair, cracked laptop screens, PC freezing and more.

Remote PC Repair service is available upon request.

A wide variety of services including laptops for every make and model.

Small-Medium size businesses run Greenacres, we need to be able to rely on each other to keep the small town vibe alive.

Big Box computer stores

Say no to the big box computer repair stores and instead stay local.

In fact, most big box computer repair stores don’t require a certification for computer repairs.

Call your local Computer Repair Greenacres store today!


Kandi Rae

I have a lot of designs on my laptop and out of nowhere it just froze up and quit on me. Technology hates me… So I bit the bullet and headed to over to Milcom to figure out what happened. Turns out it was from a windows 10 update… So they went to extra mile… Read more “Kandi Rae”

Kandi Rae

Marie St John

This guy is the best! I need my computer for night classes and it was having serious virus problems another company could not be repaired. They suggested a new computer. Matt was able to find the cause and get me back up and running…remotely in less than 3 hours! That was weeks ago and I… Read more “Marie St John”

Marie St John

Kaleb Bettencourt

Milcom services was a big help to me, my personal laptop I use pretty much every day had gone out on me due to what I could only assume was a virus of some kind. I brought it to Milcom and they said they would have it back to me the same day I brought… Read more “Kaleb Bettencourt”

Kaleb Bettencourt

Brian Sjogren

Professional service at a great price. Recommend for all computer service needs.

Brian Sjogren

Diane Hall

Excellent expert computer service. They have worked on our entire network, server and individual computers with great results. I highly recommend Matt, Tory and the team!

Diane Hall

Is Cloud Back up for you?

Milcom Services has its very own cloud service available for a small monthly or yearly fee.

Data recovery is a costly mistake, and when running a business, you have to keep everything! From invoices to bills and so much more.

A Data loss is a bad dream you never want to experience.

The best thing to do is to scan them in and put them up in the cloud.

With that, you save space and never need to go looking again or trying to figure out what to do when you have to explain why you lost all of you're clients data.

Another thing about the Cloud Service is that you can use it for personal use.

All those photos and documents just put them on the cloud and never have to worry about losing them.

Do you have a backup of your backup?

Even external hard drives will fail sooner or later, and it’s always good to have a backup of your backup.

Most of the time people never think about what happens if your backup drive fails?

Our team wants you to be aware of other ways to back up your documents so you can be safe from disaster.

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our customers are always happy with there Computer Repair Greenacres FL services.