Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions by our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Milcom Services sell new and used computers?

Yes, We are a full-fledged computer repair & computer store. Offering hardware and software repair for MacBook's, MacBook Pro's, iMac's, and every type of desktop and laptop computers.

Is there a drop off location or do you provide onsite service?

We sure do, Milcom Services does have a  computer shop retail location for drop off. Also providing onsite service to your home or office. If a job is determined to take longer then expected to repair onsite we offer a pickup and delivery option.

Are your services warrantied?

Most repairs have a 30-day warranty, Hardware is only covered by the manufactures of the part warranty. If you have hardware issues Milcom Services will assist with the RMA of the product. Virus removal services are only warrantied for 30 days if Cylance Anti-Virus is purchased with service due to not having control if reinfection occurs on the PC.

Can I buy replacement parts from Milcom Services?

Yes, Milcom Services does have most parts in stock. If the part is not in stock, we can place an order for you.

Do you fix Game Systems?

Yes,  Milcom Services fixes all retro consoles and even the most modern day game consoles like PS4 and Xbox One.

Are free Anti virus software's any good?

Free Anti-Virus software is very limited and has no match for the leading Virus's being created every day. Milcom, however, is a provider of the first AI Anti-Virus Cylance.

What is the average turn around time for drop offs?

Milcom Services prides itself in same-day computer repair whenever possible!

Is there a Rush Service option?

Yes, Milcom does offer a rush service solution for computers that MUST be fixed immediately.

Does Milcom Services buy old computers?

No, however, we do have a free recycling program to help dispose of unwanted tech safely without the worry of your data getting into the wrong hands.

What is the #1 recommended Anti-Virus?

The top Anti-Virus to date is Cylance Anti-Virus.



our customers are always happy with there computer service and repair!