Where Can I Get My Laptop Screen Replaced?

Crash! Where Can I Get My Laptop Screen Replaced?

Accidents happen. Improved design has made laptops more durable than ever. However, their portability, which makes them terrific to use just aboutwhere can i get my laptop screen replaced anywhere, obviously makes them more susceptible to accidents. A broken laptop screen makes them difficult to use (especially for touchscreens) and significant damage can render them useless. You might be ready to Google “Where can I get my laptop screen replaced?“. Read on to see what you can do to handle these irritating situations…

Screens are Surprisingly Easy to Damage

Unfortunately, it is easy to damage a laptop screen, and it only takes a careless second. Commonly, laptops are stepped on, tripped over, or get liquids spilled on them. It is all too easy to forget a pen or headphones on the keyboard and then close it, cracking the screen.

You need to make sure the screen is the problem if it’s not clearly broken. Replacing a display on a laptop is usually a fairly involved repair. If you find the screen is the problem, then it’s recommended to find professionals for laptop screen repair.

Here are a few points for dealing with an inoperable display on your laptop.

Testing the Screen

Many screen issues are obvious, but some are not. For example, if the laptop was dropped and it is obviously cracked, then screen repair is necessary. However, if there are no signs of physical damage, there could be other issues causing the problem. If you have a monitor available, one easy test is connecting it to the display port on your laptop. Most systems automatically detect the connected display and will give a visual signal.

If it doesn’t, the next step is to consult your user’s guide and see if a key combination is needed to activate the display port. If it does not work, the problem could be the graphics card and not the screen. You may also choose to have a professional determine what the problem is if you are not tech savvy.


Where Can I Get My Laptop Screen Replaced?

As mentioned, screen repairs are typically not simple, especially with Apple products. Often much of the laptop has to be disassembled and the parts are sensitive to static electricity. Having the proper specialty tools also makes this challenging. You also need to consider if doing the repair yourself would void any warranty on your device.

As a general rule, unless you’re a technician, it’s advisable to use a professional repair company that can replace the screen. Use a reputable company with experience to make sure the screen is installed and sealed properly and is willing to back their work.

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